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iEmergence has many projects and programs running throughout the year in the Philippines and other countries. It is through the generosity of people like you that we are able to sustain our work in building pathways for indigenous youth, young adults, their families and communities. Your gift to iEmergence allows us to organize more gatherings where IP communities are able to identify their dreams and aspirations; to strengthen emerging indigenous youth leaders; and to help tribes find ways to become sustainable communities.

You can now give a one-time gift or commit monthly to support iEmergence by clicking the link below. Our donations will be processed through Indigenous Pathways, our Parent Organization.
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Discover creative and easy ways to support our work by exploring the links below or download this infographic.

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You can now give a one-time gift or commit monthly to support iEmergence Philippines by clicking the link below:
For any donations to iEmergence Philippines and its programs please mark your donation either General Donation or designate it to a specific program you have come across.

Thank you for your support.

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Tell your friends, families and other networks of the work iEmergence does. Spread the word about how you also want to walk alongside us and the Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines and around the world.

For more updates and photos on what we're doing:
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Spend time with us and make a significant contribution to the team and the IP communities through your skills and expertise.

Contact us if you're interested in volunteering.

Designate your donations to a specific program or project.

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I want to support the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program.

Indigenous Youth Leadership (Philippines)

Help train indigenous youth who are rooted in their indigenous values to become leaders in their communities, contributing to its development.

A monthly donation of PhP 700 or $18 (for 10 months) will enable one Ata youth to participate in leadership development trainings, ethnic arts workshops, and a week-long exchange learning immersion activity.

A one-time gift of PhP 1,000 enables an Ata youth to participate in one cultural gathering.

For more information, contact us.
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I want to support Mish Adventures.

Mish Adventures Camp (Canada)

Help us inspire kids and youth from First Nations in Canada to become leaders of their own families and communities.

The challenges and expense of organising several weeks of day camps and a youth leadership program have been immense but well worth the effort. The people of Mishkeegogamang know iEmergence and its partners are committed to their children, youth and whole community.

We wish to continue the deep friendships we have formed with the people of Mish and support the core of young leaders who now have a renewed positive outlook in life and dedication to contribute to their communities.

In this, we can work together to rise up a generation who will change their community, their world and the course of Canada’s history.

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About Us

iEmergence, a division of Indigenous Pathways, is a non-profit/non-stock organization focusing on holistic community and leadership development in indigenous and tribal communities.
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