The gatherings, emphasizing cultural affirmation and exchange, serve as a primary means to identify community aspirations and need in the emerging generations. The regional focus will also provide the foundation for a social and cultural networking strategy supplemented by the growing use of technology-driven social networking platforms. Through the relationships and networks developed during these gatherings, participants for the second element of the program will be identified.


Osmosis recognizes the dearth of emerging indigenous leadership and, in part, assigns that lack to the loss of traditional leader recognition and development in indigenous communities. Historically, young leaders engaged with mentors in the day-to-day tasks of leading a community and family. At present, much of this knowledge is gone or has become dysfunctional. Osmosis seeks to restore and build upon these pathways through a “coaching model” of learning with indigenous leaders and mentors in spirituality, community, business, and sustainable living practice. Osmosis is a process where participants will live in community - taking part in and contributing to its daily life.

Fully integrated, culturally enriched and locally specific economic development initiatives spearheaded by those identified by iEmergence and other partners in the initiative are established. These will include cultural tourism (in-person, interactive, internet-driven), arts and crafts import and export, and sustainable food provision practices in the local and international marketplace. Not only will these initiatives provide local incomes, they will also ensure the overall community initiative is funded meaningfully and fairly in the long-term.

About Us

iEmergence, a division of Indigenous Pathways, is a non-profit/non-stock organization focusing on holistic community and leadership development in indigenous and tribal communities.
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