Osmosis is a process that rebuilds pathways of learning for Indigenous leaders and emerging youth leaders in Indigenous and tribal communities. It is designed to reconnect youth with elders and other community leaders for the purpose of passing along the skills and knowledge needed to understand an Indigenous community’s history, culture, and contemporary context. The Osmosis process utilizes asset-based planning and development methodologies to engage participants in the discovery of best practices and goals for the future of their communities.

Osmosis strengthens the leadership values and practices of Indigenous communities. Through living in community, Osmosis participants get to contribute to daily tasks, exchange cultural worldviews with their hosts, and develop an appreciation of each other’s culture. Elders and youth share positive experiences of their engagements together and work together to accomplish a joint activity. After the Osmosis experience, community development plans are created and a time with the participants’ home community is organized for them to be able to impart their learning from the Osmosis process to a wider audience.

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iEmergence, a division of Indigenous Pathways, is a non-profit/non-stock organization focusing on holistic community and leadership development in indigenous and tribal communities.
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