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We've raised 1.7% of the Php 900,000 that we need to construct Panuluanan and develop their community-based curriculum.

Help us reach our goal by donating now!
The Kauyahan Gift
Give PhP 500-1,000 ($25) today and we will send you a lovely beaded bracelet as a token of our appreciation from the Ata community. The bracelet is made by creative Ata youth leaders.

The Panubaran Gift
Give PhP 2,000-3,000 ($75) and we will give you a set of the bracelet and a Building Pathways shirt from iEmergence.

The Kalibolongan Gift
Give PhP 4,000-5,000 ($100) and get the bracelet, the shirt and a bag made of Indigenous materials from the women in the Ata community.

The Gantangan Palabian Gift
Give PhP 6,000-10,000 ($300) and get the bracelet, the shirt, the bag and a special letter hand-written by one of the youth leaders of the Ata community.

The Baloy Turogan Gift
Give PhP 11,000-20,000 ($400) and we will send you a handmade woven mat from the elders of the Ata community.

The Panuluanan Package
If you give more than PhP 25,000 ($500) to the project, we will send you a 3D Architecture Toy Puzzle of one of the traditional structures made by Swito Design, as a sign of our great appreciation. We will also include your name on the list of major sponsors. This will mean that your name appears on all publication of the project on our website, social media accounts. and on a wooden plaque at the entrance of the Panuluanan: Space for Cultural Learning.
As a non-profit organization based in Davao City, Philippines, we can only shoulder shipping within the country. For donors outside the Philippines, please send us a message so we can discuss other arrangements.
You can also directly deposit your donations to our Philippine bank account:

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account name: iEmergence Inc.
Account number: 2141-0215-43
Account type: Checking account

Or send us a cheque payable to:
iEmergence Inc.

Send to:
iEmergence, Inc. Office
216 Circle B
Ecoland Subd. Phase 1
Brgy. 76-A, Bucana
Davao City, Philippines
Your donation will be much appreciated by the Ata tribe. We can't thank you enough for walking with us in this journey.

Panuluanan: Space for Learning Culture

Project Description:
Panuluanan (Ata for “place of learning”) began when the elders of an Ata community saw the value of intentionally passing on their culture and practices to their young people. In a series of community consultations in 2016, the elders and leaders expressed their desire to pursue their long-awaited dream of a cultural village where the Ata tribe can reclaim and preserve their culture, as well as strengthen their community relationships. In the long term, the community also hopes to develop Panuluanan into a source of livelihood.
The 2-hectare land where Panuluanan will be constructed is located in Sitio Sorayan, Barangay Colosas, Paquibato District, Davao City, Philippines. Sorayan is a strategic area as this will be central to most Ata villages in the district. Therefore, Panuluanan will accommodate not only the Ata youth in the village of Sorayan but also other young learners from the other villages. It is the dream of the leaders of the whole Ata community in Paquibato to create this unifying space where all Ata people can live out their culture and learn from each other.
Project Design:
The Ata community has already taken the first steps in realizing Panuluanan. They participated in a community design workshop facilitated by Swito Designs, Inc., our partner architects in this project. The community leaders created the traditional designs of their place of worship (Panubaran), place for learning (Panuluanan) livelihood center (Kauyahan), place of justice (Gantangan Palabian), house for informal gatherings (Kalibolongan), and traditional house (Baloy Turogan).

Aside from these traditional structures, the community will also create a space to farm Indigenous crops that used to be endemic in the area, a place by the river to practice traditional fishing and rafting, and an open space for big cultural celebrations.

All the materials will be traditional and locally-sourced by the community.
Project Images:
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The construction of the Panuluanan model house began last October 2016.
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This eventually became the first structure called Gantangan Palabian.
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This house is a sacred place where leaders of the community called Datu and the elders of the tribe gather to discuss traditional laws and customs of the Ata people.
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Gantangan Palabian, Ata House of Justice
It is a place of reconciliation where conflicts in the community are resolved and good relationships between people are restored.
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Panuluanan, Ata Place for Learning, as depicted by Swito Designs, Inc.
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Panubaran, Ata Place of Worship, as depicted by Swito Designs, Inc.
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Kauyahan, Ata Livelihood Center, as depicted by Swito Designs, Inc.
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Baloy Turogan, Ata Traditional House, as depicted by Swito Designs, Inc.
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Kalibulongan, Ata Place for Informal Gatherings, constructed by the community last March.
1 month for the community to design the whole Panuluanan (cultural learning village) site in conjunction with community validation of the community design and consultation with other community architects

6 months Indigenous curriculum development

3 months gathering of Indigenous materials from different villages around the area and clearing of 2-hectare land

9 months construction of the 6 Indigenous structures, 1 area for farming, 1 area for traditional fishing, and 1 open area for cultural gatherings
Help us build this dream!
As a faith-based non-profit organization, iEmergence has been passionately working to support the Ata community’s aspirations by mobilizing resources for Panuluanan and by continuously seeking for partners to walk alongside indigenous people. The Ata community needs financial resources to fund the construction of the foundation, structure, roofing and walls of each cultural structure designed by the tribal community.

We look forward to your support for this community-led project. Should you have any questions, please email us at

About Us

iEmergence, a division of Indigenous Pathways, is a non-profit/non-stock organization focusing on holistic community and leadership development in indigenous and tribal communities.
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