Strengthening pathways for learning

Last April to May 2017, the community leaders of the Ata tribe in Sorayan in Paquibato met collectively to discuss strategic ways to implement Panuluanan in their community in a way that is realistic to the conditions of the area and the objectives of the project. Together with the iEmergence team, the community revisited the original plan for Panuluanan by reviewing the road map created by them. Taking into account limitations in terms of resources and time, the group brainstormed how to continue the construction of the rest of the major structures of Panuluanan and begin to develop its Indigenous curriculum. The group was able to integrate curriculum development into the road map and draft the themes and mentors who will be included in the curriculum. On another note, the community was able to start building the foundation of the third structure called "Panubaran" or place for worship for the Ata.

At the same time, there have also been strides made by the Ubun na Kettal (UNK) or the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYL) of the Tagakolu community in Malita, Philippines. The UNK are now starting Phase 2 of their Indigenous curriculum, and Phase 1 in a new village outside the two pilot areas. iEmergence staff visited three (3) villages in Malita, Davao Occidental for follow up and assessing how the leaders are preparing for the activities that have already been lined up this June such as the traditional farming called Pawa.