“Like a dying fire being ignited anew”

In a ceremony held last month, the elders of the Tagakolu tribe in Sitio Matamis in Malita, Philippines, symbolically acknowledged iEmergence as a co-worker of the community in creating spaces and pathways for Indigenous youth cultural learning and positive community development. The symbolic "dugsu" or ritual was most significant as it showed the deepening relationship of the team and the community. It served as the culmination of a series of meetings, workshops, and consultations with various members of the community and the Missionaries of Jesus Fathers and Mission Staff. We are continually grateful for the relationships being built and strengthened in the community, and for the personal connections created. One of the elders aptly said, "We are like a once dying fire that is now being ignited anew. But, we can only do this together as one community." Truly, great things can come from a collective struggle and a collective effort.