Affirming the Relationship between Faith and IP Culture

The team had a wonderful time celebrating the Allaw ng Lumad (Indigenous Peoples' Sunday) with community partners in Kilalag, Malita, Davao del Sur in the Philippines. Within the Philippine Catholic Church, the Allaw is an annual celebration of the Indigenous peoples. It is a day that commemorates the strong commitment of the Church in supporting IPs in their struggle for justice and self-determination.

Matet Gonzalo (far left), one of our community partners shares during the Allaw:
"We are blessed because in these lands that we live in, many practices are embedded in each one of us. Like our rituals, stories are unfolded in our dalangan (chanting) and ubaten (epic) and expressed in our songs and dances. All of these is part of our being Tagakolu and has molded us into what we are now. This is the essence of our being Tagakolu."