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It is with much excitement that we share about the incredible summer we have had with both the Mish Adventures and Kids Culture camps this year. It was amazing to watch the kids and youth take on new leadership roles and make decisions based on their own confidence, maturity and strength. Read more about the camp and the kids and youth that have made it all possible. 
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Kids Culture Camp: 16 Years and Counting

The 16th Annual Kids Culture Camp was an incredible legacy to those initial years of offering the camp. This year we saw 38 kids and youth from around Alberta join us at the Intervarsity Sundre Camp for 5 days of teaching, games, and other activities.

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Watching Indigenous Youth Leadership Bloom

This year it was amazing to watch the youth see themselves as leaders and make decisions based on their own confidence, maturity and strength.

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Cultivating Leaders

August is the month that kindled the heart of the emerging Tagakolu youth leaders from the three villages in Malita, Davao Occidental. The activities were made possible because of the unwavering support of our partner, the Missionaries of Jesus, the Malita Tagakolu Mission who has been working in the community for years.

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A Beautiful Space for Sharing Stories

Last August 15, the day after the opening of the KADAYAWAN 2017 at Magsaysay Park, the team together with other partner organizations and with several interns from The Netherlands and Vietnam, participated in a traditional oral storytelling with the elders and deputy leaders of the Ata , Matigsalug and Obu Manuvu tribes.

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Pathways to Harmony and Reconciliation

A timely conversation on creating practical ways for local communities to live out peace and reconciliation with Ray Aldred, Chairperson of the Indigenous Pathways Board and the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies.

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Storytelling for Peacebuilding

Last May 16, iEmergence had the opportunity to give an introduction to Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) at this year's Annual Peacebuilding Training organized by the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute. In the workshop, entitled Hearing the Unheard: Appreciating the Richness of Diverse Narratives, participants learned the basics of Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

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Strengthening pathways for learning

The Ata tribe in Paquibato continues to build their space of learning and is now starting to develop their Indigenous curriculum, while the Tagakolu youth leaders are kicking off Phase 2 of their learning. These Indigenous youth are continuing their journey of learning more about their identity and culture.

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Notes from the Field: Untold Stories from iE Volunteers and Staff

We welcome Weng Manzano to the team by taking her to the mountains of Paquibato! Weng shares how her time at iE so far has motivated her to go out of her comfort zone, and how she allowed these new experiences to influence her understanding of the world.

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