Cultivating Leaders

togokolu youth_2

August is the month that kindled the heart of the emerging Tagakolu youth leaders from the three villages in Malita, Davao Occidental. The activities were made possible because of the unwavering support of our partner, the Missionaries of Jesus, the Malita Tagakolu Mission who has been working in the community for years.

The youth leaders have tilled the lands of their respective communities. There were 20 youth from Kalatagan who ploughed the land where they can plant rice, and, 32 youth from Kangku who cleared of the grass. While 24 youth of Upper Tical started to rediscover their ways of traditional farming or "pawa". These processes are part of the Tagakolu traditional sustainable land care. However, before they even start the process of traditional farming, a "panawag-tawag" or a traditional prayer is offered to praise "Tyumanem" God, and seek guidance and encouragement to continue to cultivate these emerging Tagakolu youth leaders.

In this month of September, we are inviting you to join us in nurturing and cultivating leaders towards a culturally appropriate growth and life-giving development, and for more rewarding harvests in the coming years ahead.