Coronavirus/COVID-19 UpdateMarch 19, 2020

Words of Advice for the iEmergence Community Impacted by COVID19

As iEmergence (iE) considers its response to the coronavirus outbreak we want to remind our community members not to make inappropriate assumptions about the risks. IP is monitoring the advice given by the WHO and local health authorities, which clearly states that while the risk of contracting the coronavirus remains low, the curve of the infection’s spread can be significantly flattened by taking all appropriate precautions including social distancing, avoiding unnecessary travel, local or otherwise, avoiding crowds, and, of course, consistent attention to proper hand washing.

Please be clear about the symptoms of the coronavirus. They include fever, cough and difficulty breathing. Should you experience these symptoms AND have recently travelled internationally to an affected region, avoid contact with others and contact your health-care professional or nearest hospital before presenting yourself there in-person.

Since our community is global in nature, we encourage you to become informed of new developments through the website(s) appropriate to your location:

Because of the high degree of uncertainty in the trajectories of this virus in various settings, if you or any family members in the same household have recently returned from an affected area you should:

  • Contact your local public health unit within 24 hours of you or their arrival;
  • Stay at home and avoid close contact with others, including those in your home, for a total of 14 days from the date you or they left the affected area;
  • Contact your local public health unit if you or they experience symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Those who develop symptoms during the 14-day monitoring period should immediately self-isolate (stay in a room that is not shared with anyone else) and call your/their healthcare provider or the appropriate health line for your/their region (consult the internet for locations beyond those provided above) to discuss any need for testing and follow up.

Members of the IE community considering travel to an affected area, whether domestic or otherwise, are advised to check the appropriate travel authority for their region.

In the days ahead, iEmergence will be working to determine next steps to respond appropriately and fully to the coronavirus pandemic. Together with its partners, IP is concerned that we do all things within our various capacities, to respond well and quickly to the ever-evolving situation including rethinking how we can continue to connect with our communities and deliver programs as possible and appropriate.

Decisions will be made on IP, NAIITS and iE programming in the coming weeks, and notification of all staff, faculty and students will be made at that time.

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