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cultural affirmation and exchange

sustainable living

building pathways

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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Panuluanan SLT Launch
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iEmergence Philippines kicked the year off by launching the Panuluanan School of Living Traditions in Sitio Panaga, Barangay Colosas, Paquibato District, Davao City. Panluanan is the Ata word for “place of teaching.” Panuluanan leaders had been in conversation for a few months in 2012 and decided that it was time to share the vision of having a school of living traditions to the rest of their community. The launching, organized by Ata elders and youth, was well attended by indigenous and non-indigenous members of the community.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Panuluanan Gathering
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The Panuluanan leadership organized a three-day tribal gathering for the Ata youth of Paquibato District. The gathering included facilitated conversations on the following topics: preserving culture in the present context, responsibility of elders in cultural preservation, and culture as Creator-given. There were also workshops where youth learned from the elders of the community how to bead, weave mats, make baskets, and play traditional instruments. One of the highlights of the gathering was a tribal parade where one of the young people said, “It’s the first time that we went around the barangay as an Ata people, singing and dancing and proud of who we were created to be.” Panuluanan hopes to be able to continue hosting these gatherings as a way to build community unity as well as to encourage and promote the cultural restoration of their people.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: CFIPC
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iEmergence, in partnership with Tribal Mission Foundation International Inc., organized its first Indigenous Theological Symposium in the Philippines. The symposium, attended by over a hundred participants, had eighteen local people groups and four foreign people groups taking part in the conversations on the impact of Christian mission on culture, Indigenous leadership, and living faith out and community. The evenings were times of cultural celebration where participants shared the uniqueness of their Creator-given culture. We are looking forward to continuing these conversations in the years to come and hosting more conversations around the Philippines.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Osmosis: An Awakening
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In 2012-2013 iEmergence Canada facilitated an inspired, fresh youth initiative called Osmosis: an Awakening. Over 3 events we saw Native youth and elders from reserve and urban communities come together to share stories about the best of their past and present, giving them the opportunity to hear others stories as well as to have their voice heard. These stories then lead into innovative discussions around a positive dream for the future of the next generations of Native youth and their communities. The discussions were focused on a positive vision for cross-cultural relations between Native and non-Native Canadians and how we could once again live well together in the land. The events were held in Edmonton, Alberta, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Wetaskiwin, Alberta. We are looking forward to continued engagement with the youth and communities involved in these discussions as we dream together for a positive future in Canada.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: UP LIKAS Internship-Immersion
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iEmergence Philippines explored a partnership with the history-based student organization from the University of the Philippines Diliman, UP Lipunang Pangkasaysayan (UP LIKAS). The partnership with UP LIKAS opens opportunities for iEmergence and its partner communities to engage with the university in a more meaningful way. UP LIKAS will regularly send History students to Davao to immerse in communities, learn from the indigenous elders and leaders there, and directly contribute to the community development work iEmergence is doing. iEmergence, along with the leaders of its partner communities, on the other hand is given space to communicate the value of indigenous knowledge, learning systems, and practices in the university.

Community Development Training
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Panuluanan Planning
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The Panuluanan leadership continues to develop their school of living traditions. Through a series of strategic planning workshops facilitated by iEmergence, the Panuluanan leadership was able to articulate Panuluanan’s goals in the community and for the Ata people as well as a framework for the management of Panuluanan. The leadership has determined that Panuluanan will have three expressions in the community: youth cultural learning and leadership training, livelihood and income generation, and Ata representation in gatherings. Panuluanan is in the process of exploring and pursuing partnerships with organizations, government agencies, and individuals who can support them in bringing their plans to fruition.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Mish Camp and AI Training
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This was our first ever year operating the Mishkeegogamang (Mish) First Nations Youth camp as a Co-Directed Team between two organizations: iEmergence and Speroway. Drawing on the strengths of this partnership we are excited about becoming a stronger resource for Destani Skunk, the Mish Youth Organizer, as she champions the cause and dreams of Mish’s young people.

12 Mish AI
Just this month of December our team returned to Mish to run leadership training with these youth, based on the envisioning process of Appreciative Inquiry. We were honored to be able to sit with Destani and her team, as well as the Grade 8 class from the Missabay School, and share with them the life changing ideas behind Asset Based Planning and Development and Appreciative Inquiry. Over a 2-day period we shared stories of life at it’s best and dreamed a positive future for what Mish could become as a community.

We look ahead to playing a small role in these fabulous young people regaining a firm foundation by drawing on their rich cultural history, to reclaim the best of the past so as to move into a stronger future. We are excited about what life-giving results partnerships and combined resources with organizations like My People International, iEmergence, Speroway, Better Futures, & Muskoka Woods may mean for the future of this community.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: AI Training Philippines
Asset Based Planning and Development Methodologies (ABPD) training has become one of the ways iEmergence uses to build capacity in people enabling them to envision a positive future for themselves and their communities. We were able to offer three such trainings this year. The first was hosted by the Alliance for Christian Development Agencies (ACDA) in Manila, Philippines. Here we saw three previous ABPD students present their final practicum report and become Certified ABPD trainers. The second training was held in Davao City, Philippines and was focused on bringing together community leaders from around the Philippines. The third was in Mishkeegogamang First Nation in Canada where Youth and the Youth Leadership Coordinators came together to share story and dream.

We have seen the power that this training has to refocus
the attention of development on positive forces that will allow people to move into their future in good ways, carrying with them those gifts and knowledge that their ancestors gave them. We look forward in the upcoming year to offering more of these trainings.

Building Networks
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Osmosis Sharing
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One of the outputs of an Osmosis Internship-Immersion with iEmergence is a time of sharing in the university where Osmosis participants share the experiences and learning they had in community and its implications to the practice of their discipline. The UP LIKAS participants in the Osmosis in May organized the sharing in the University of the Philippines Diliman that was attended by History, Psychology, Anthropology, and Political Science students from the UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: UP LIKAS Conference
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iEmergence attended the UP LIKAS conference on Social Movements in History and shared on iEmergence’s roots in the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People movement as well as the cultural movement happening in one of iEmergence’s partner communities in Paquibato District, Davao City through the Panuluanan School of Living Traditions. It was also an opportunity to share the Osmosis Internship-Immersion process with the high school and college students in attendance.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Mesa Gathering
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Matt and his parents, Terry and Bev LeBlanc, were invited to attend the first Mesa Gathering in Pattaya, Thailand in October of this year. The gathering focused on bringing together evangelical leaders from around the globe to share their perspectives on where the church and mission is in their specific contexts. Matt and Terry shared from their experience on the Indigenous realities that they are seeing as they engage in different communities around the world. Out of this time came new insights and ideas into cross-cultural and integral mission as well as a commitment to each other as a global community following the Jesus Way.

Staff Development
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Inspired Individuals
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In April our Executive Director, Matt LeBlanc, traveled to Palestine and Israel as part of the Inspired Individuals program. Here he met up with other young leaders from around the globe that are also involved in community development and peace building in their respective countries. The directors of Musalaha and Holy Land Trust hosted the team and shared insights and perspectives on development and community engagement from their unique contexts. This global leadership network that the Inspired Individuals program has initiated will continue in the years ahead and is aimed at helping to build the capacity of the individuals involved to build their vision and expand their impact.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Story Crafting
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iEmergence continues to build its capacity to effectively engage with indigenous communities through a story crafting workshop attended by two of iEmergence’s staff. The story crafting workshop facilitated by Tribal Mission Foundation International Inc., worked towards the development of a missions awareness curriculum for oral learners. iEmergence staff was trained on how to access, retain, and pass on stories—a very important skill in preserving oral traditions in indigenous communities.
  • Panuluanan SLT Launch
  • Panuluanan Gathering
  • Osmosis: An Awakening
  • UP LIKAS Internship-Immersion
Community Development Training
  • Panuluanan Planning
  • Mish Camp and AI Training
  • AI Training Philippines
Building Networks
  • Osmosis Sharing
  • UP LIKAS Conference
  • Mesa Gathering
Staff Development
  • Inspired Individuals
  • Story Crafting